Swingate Cots Expands

We're always delighted to see our ABC tenants doing well. Nichola Pinder, Executive Director of Swingate Cots has taken on more space at the Airport Business Centre to build her prototype cots. 

Nichola explained, "In terms of the space I would find it very difficult to complete my project without having this area. It makes everything very accessible for me having my office, workshop space and warehousing all under the same roof."

Swingate Cots help parents with back pain or other physical disabilities.The side of the cot opens, allowing parents to lay their child on the mattress without having to bend over the side of the cot. You can find out more about Nichola's company here: http://www.swingatecots.com/

Follow her on twitter: @SwingateCots or

Add her as a friend on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swingate.cots