The Una Group and Stem Group Support The Arctic Jubilee

The Arctic Jubilee team have reached the summit of the highest point on the Queen Elizabeth Islands and had their tea party!

Arctic Jubilee team, sponsored by The Una Group and Stem Group, at the highest point on the Queen Elizabeth Islands

Local companies The Una Group and Stem Group have sponsored the educational outreach programme which promotes the Arctic environment to over 350 schools in the UK. This programme has also aided in the preservation of the Inuit culture which has been passed down from generation to generation for millennia.

As the expedition has progressed the team has been responding to questions from school children designed to promote the understanding of topics like Inuit Culture, Polar Environments, British History and Exploration.

Now that the team has reached the summit they will have a ski exploration of the British Empire Mountain Range before flying back to the UK.

Stem Group love to support local charities especially when there’s educational value. The Arctic Jubilee Expedition is a fantastic example of this, where students from all over the country can get involved and get inspired.” Stephen Tyrrell, Managing Director of Stem Group.