Stem Group & Plymouth University Launch New Annual IT Survey for the South West

Plymouth University and Stem Group (a Plymouth-based IT company) have teamed up to create an annual survey aimed at researching and evaluating the use of IT in businesses within the South West of England.


Surveys like this one are essential in today’s modern world to measure IT and its impact on businesses. With technology moving on quickly, some companies and organisations lag behind the times and do not realise the benefits IT can bring to a business.

The South West Business IT Survey will be conducted each year, so that Stem Group and Plymouth University are able to see how IT in business is improving in the region as well as pointing out areas for improvement.

“With the IT knowledge of Stem Group and Plymouth University’s expertise in research and innovation, we’re confident that this survey will be a huge success. We are excited to create the first map of the South West IT landscape.” states Dr Nigel Jackson, Associate Professor at Plymouth University Business School.

As an incentive, Stem Group is offering the chance to win an iPad 2 if businesses fill out the questionnaire before the 1st December 2011.

“We are confident that businesses in the South West will get involved with the project and realise the benefits: from being able to plan IT in the future for the South West as well as mapping the area against the rest of the UK.” Stephen Tyrrell, Managing Director at Stem Group comments.

If you would like to take part in the survey please follow the link below and if you’d like to show your support of the survey, please email the link on and use social media to promote.